There are a lot of misconceptions about flying into Cancun. Blogs and reviews make it sound as if drivers are going to harass you as soon as you arrive. This is not true! Yes, there are many drivers holding signs and they will ask if you need a ride and it might seem daunting to try to find your driver, but nobody shouted at me, followed me or made me feel uncomfortable.

Choosing a Shuttle Service

The number of shuttle companies to choose from and the wide range of pricing makes the selection process overwhelming. Reading reviews and blogs makes it even more difficult. As a female solo traveler, I chose safety and reliability and then price. I emailed 8 companies and heard back from some right away. Some took a few days to write me back and some never responded to my email. 💁🏻I decided to hire USA Transfers. They had great reviews and strong ratings and were quick to respond with my questions. Their website was clear and informative and the process was clearly explained. I also didn’t have to pay until I arrived at my destination in Tulum. 🌴

The Process

The instructions on where to meet and how to pay were in my confirmation email. There was a group from USA Transfers holding signs and standing exactly where the email stated they would be. One of the women greeted me and confirmed my reservation. She walked with me and my driver to the van. The van was clean and my driver was courteous and professional. I was offered cold beverages and decided to go with a beer. I really don’t drink beer but got a kick out of the fact that it was legal to drink in the vehicle. I wish I had recorded my disbelief because I really didn’t believe it was ok.

It can be overwhelming to know which shuttle service to choose, especially as a female solo traveler. While there are many reputable companies, I had a great experience with USA Transfers.


2017_06_02 cancun airport 005


USA Transfers | Av. Huayacan Mz. 07 Lote 2 Local 2, Sm 313, 77560 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico | 52 998 914 0290

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