Five Days in Tulum

Just south of Cancun along the beach, is a tiny town named Tulum. Over the years it’s attracted those who wanted to move by the beach and slow things down. The downtown area is like any mid-sized city, with a variety of shops and businesses, sprinkled with the occasional expat-owned cafes and boutiques. But it’s along the beach where the most change has taken place. Hotels, restaurants, shops, bars, boutiques and cafes line a small road where there are no sidewalks so people and trucks share the way.

The prices along the hotel zone are considerably higher for the same things that are in downtown Tulum. Oh, and yoga. There are lots of yoga classes, yoga studios and yoga retreats going on along this strip that it is also referred to as “yoga zone.”


Tulum, Mexico

ATM and Bajaj RE Three Wheeler in Tulum

ATM and Bajaj RE Three Wheeler in Tulum

Convenience store in Tulum

Tulum convenience shop

Cereal in Tulum, Mexico


Bakery vendor in Tulum, Mexico

Bakery vendor at night

Tulum Beach

Familes on Tulum Beach

Tulum Beach

Downtown Tulum

Batey, Tulum

Liquor store, Tulum



Fruit vendor, Tulum

VW Tulum

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