Undersåkers Charcuterie by Magnus Nilsson

Less than 30 minutes from Fäviken restaurant, en route to the Trondheim airport, is Magnus Nilsson’s shop, Undersåkers Charcuterie.

Undersåkers Charkuteriefabrik Undersåkers CharkuteriefabrikUndersåkers Charkuteriefabrik

Besides charcuterie, bacon and blood pudding, you can purchase Magnus’ books and gourmet foods including cheese, chocolate and pasta. The gourmet hot dogs sold at Magnus’ hot dog kiosk in nearby ski resort town, Åre, are also available for sale.

Tomato sauce, risotto, honey, pasta

The window in back of the store offers a clear view of the factory in action.

UndersÃ¥kers Charkuteriefabrik Undersåkers Charkuteriefabrik

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Undersåkers | Byvägen 111, 830 10 Undersåker, Sweden | 46 647 300 07

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