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Gaston Acurio has over 40 Peruvian restaurants including Tanta in Chicago. Spanish restaurant mfk., owned by Scott and Sari Worsham, focuses on Spanish seafood. Tanta’s Jesús Delgado and mfk.’s Danny Mejia combined Peruvian and Spanish cooking forces for a special one-time dinner, passings of the wine porron, included. Tanta and mfk. just happen to be two of my favorite restaurants, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to attend this dinner.

mfk. 432 W Diversey Pky, ChicagoTanta, 118 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL
mfk., 432 W Diversey Pky, Chicago, IL and Tanta, 118 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL
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mfk. and Tanta menu
Tortilla, brandade, garlic chip onion puree, egg, potato
Tortilla amuse, brandade, onion puree, egg, potato, garlic chip
Scott Worsham, owner
Scott Worsham, owner

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Tiradito Chalaco, Peruvian scallops, yellow chili emulsion, came, cancha, chalaca (Tanta)

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Ago Blanco, white gazpacho, almonds, crispy lard, chive oil (mfk.)
Ajo Blanco, white gazpacho, almonds, crispy lard, chive oil (mfk.)
Tanta and mfk. together in the mfk. kitchen
Tanta in the mfk. kitchen
Preparing the croquettes
Preparing the croquettes
2016_04_12 mfk tanta 011
Croquettes de Carapulcra, sun-dried potatoes, crispy pork belly, huacatay (Tanta)

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Fritto Misto, smelt, squid, ramp aioli, lemon (mfk.)
Fritto Misto, smelt, squid, ramp aioli, lemon (mfk.)
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Pulpito, grilled octopus, quinoa stew, chimichurri, black quinoa cracker (Tanta)

2016_04_12 mfk tanta 015

2016_04_12 mfk tanta 016
Mariscos Marinera, Manila clams, PEI mussels, shrimp, Spanish chorizo, paprika (mfk.)
2016_04_12 mfk tanta 017
The passing of the Spanish porron wine pitcher.
2016_04_12 mfk tanta 018
Some people were pros.
2016_04_12 mfk tanta 019
The entire room was laughing and clapping and capturing this fun moment on video.
2016_04_12 mfk tanta 020
The funniest thing about photos is noticing things that happened in the background. When drinking from a porron, you start with the spout very close to your mouth then fully extend your arm while continuing to pour. The man behind me is practicing his porron drinking arm extension.
Basque Cake and Peruvian alfajores (mfk. and Tanta)
Basque Cake and Peruvian alfajores (mfk. and Tanta)
2016_04_12 mfk tanta 022
Tanta and mfk.


mfk. | 432 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago IL | 773 857 2540
Tanta Chicago | 118 W Grand Ave, Chicago IL | 312 222 9700

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