This is Chili. We all love to feed her but when we are busy acting busy, she sometimes gets fed twice, possibly three times in a row. My son came up with this system to indicate when she was fed by placing a coin on B for Breakfast or D for Dinner. I protested at first, because the ends of the paper were not trimmed and it looked like a prototype.

Well, it’s been months now and I am happy to report, the system is here to stay and the wrinkled paper hardly bothers me anymore.

Everyone adheres to moving the coin on the correct letter and nobody has stolen the coin. (It’s a gold dollar.) Of course, our tricky dog still stands by her food when we come downstairs and she acts like it’s time to be fed. Sometimes I hear someone scooping her food then hear it being poured right back into the container because they realize the placement of the coin.

Some day, I’ll show you the raw system the kids came up with to decide who does the dishes, who puts the food away, and who wipes down the counters.

Some of the cute and funny comments people said on Facebook .

  • “Little do you know Chili moves the coin when your not looking…”
  • “I’m a little worried Chili might eat the coin and the paper….”.
  • “Our dog is a great actor! He acts hungry and ready to be fed until he hears us talking to each other and discovering he’s already been fed. His whole demeanor changes when he knows we’re on to him.”
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