My 1 Second Every Day Video 2015

The 1se (One Second Every Day) app collects, stores and makes a video made up of your 1-second video clips. I filmed as often as possible so the final movie wouldn’t be so contrived. Whether this project could be entirely “natural” or not, this project kept me looking for something each day and made me very aware. It was challenging to not make this a video about my kids because halfway through, I started to wish I stuck with a theme, or did one for each family member. This project unlocked a lot of intropection, inspiration and creativity as well.

The clips have to be recorded on the actual day or it won’t go in the slot. What’s amazing is I filmed every day for the entire year.

Here is my One Second Every Day video.

Happy 2016!

New Year’s after-party at Acadia in Chicago.

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