Freshman orientation
Freshman orientation

2015_08_20 first day school 002

Practicing his face for his school ID which ended up being his school photo!
Every year my son asks if he can make a face for his school photo. It’s adorable that he asks permission. Since I think school portraits are the furthest thing from capturing a child’s essence that year anyway, I always say yes but he always chickens out or makes a half-attempt at his school portrait face. This is this year’s “face.” He has one more year to make it a good one!
Still joking around about the posed photos from the cruise
Still joking around about the posed photos on our cruise that the photographer always made them do.
First Day of School breakfast
First Day of School breakfast. Some of us add grape jelly!
Hair adjustment by big brother
Hair adjustment by big brother
2015_08_20 first day school 023
Every year my youngest tries to be the last kid riding his bike in the winter. Even when it rains, he insists on riding his bike so the first thing he says is how his bike was the only one on the bike rack that day. Success! One year when he was little and smaller than me, I had to pick him up and put him in the car because it was so cold. He didn’t talk to me for an entire day because another kid rode his bike that day and I ruined his chances of him breaking the school record that year.
2015_08_20 first day school 026
Starting off the school year with a firm handshake.

2015_08_20 first day school 033

Stare down
Stare down
2015_08_20 first day school 020
Junior, 5th grader, freshman

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