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  1. Sarah Gleason

    Hi Mr. Stejskal, My name is Sarah Gleason, and I work with Kristine Keefer PR. You took some great photographs of one of our chefs, Michael Tusk of Quince, at the Boka event in Chicago last December. USA Today would like to use one in an article they are doing, and they are under a tight deadline – they’d love an answer today! I can’t seem to get your email address, so if possible can you email or call me asap to discuss? Then I could email you details and a copy of the photo we’d need – we only have an image with a watermark, and they’d need one without – but of course would fully credit you for the work. I’m at sarah@kristinekeeferpr.com phone is 415-640-1115. Thanks for your help!

    Best, Sarah

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