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Architectural Artifacts

I used to want spend my life building a home slowly over the years filling it with things I created, painted, put together, found or collected from around-the world travels. In my 20s, I moved around a lot so it became impractical to keep taking things in and out of boxes or pay to move them around from state to state.

One day, years later, I woke up and realized my life couldn’t be further away from the creative, well-designed home I always wanted and all the stuff I purchased from Pier One Imports, until I could really get to Africa or India, felt suddenly stupid. I still like architecture, design and the creative process behind it all but now I look forward to when I can sell my house, get rid of everything in it and plan on traveling full-time or/and living where it’s warm year round.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all the parts of buildings when they get torn down or renovated, besides being auctioned or sold, a lot of items go to architectural salvage warehouses. If you like things like gargoyles, antique bars, lighting, stained glass or doors that have been saved from demolished buildings of yesteryear or even yesterday, these are some places in Chicago to either shop or be inspired.

Salvage One | 1840 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL

Urban Remains | 1850 W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL

Rebuilding Exchange |1740 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL

Architectural Artifacts: | 4325 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL

Architectural Artifacts


Vintage convertible Datsun Fairlady

Vintage convertible Datsun Fairlady


Terra Cotta angel for $8,500

Terra Cotta angel for $8,500


I'm pretty sure my youngest enjoyed this store the least.

I’m pretty sure my youngest enjoyed this store the least.


Architectural Artifacts4325 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago IL | 773 348 0622

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