Le Coucou

I first heard of Daniel Rose’s cooking from his restaurant Spring in Paris. Daniel is originally from the North Shore of Chicago so I was intrigued and finally had a chance to try Spring in early 2013. I went with my friend who has lived in Paris for quite a while but is originally from Chicago. She and I both loved it and she continued to bring clients there over the years. It was a beautiful, multi-course tasting menu lunch for about 45 euros.

Daniel started posting hints at opening up Le Coucou in NYC so I made sure to stop in even though time only allowed to eat there for breakfast. I enjoy looking at restaurant interiors so a friend and I peeked into Le Coucou the night before. We were greeted so warmly when we walked in. The space was gorgeous with high ceilings and warm lighting and the restaurant was packed and lively. Breakfast was delightfully simple and I even went against my “Eggs Benedict” usual and let the server choose my breakfast.

Le Coucou

Bar at Le Coucou
Dining area
Dining area
Main dining area
Main dining area
Kitchen at Le Coucou
2016_11_12 le coucou 005.jpg
Table setting at Le Coucou
2016_11_12 le coucou 006.jpg
Menu at Le Coucou
2016_11_12 le coucou 007.jpg
French Press Coffee ($6)


2016_11_12 le coucou 009.jpg
Comme un clafoutis, French pancake, apples, créme frîache ($15)
2016_11_12 le coucou 010.jpg
Poitrine fumée, Nueske’s bacon ($8)
2016_11_12 le coucou 011.jpg
Coucou complet, two eggs, poitrine fumée, grilled country bread, pomme darphin ($16)

Spring Restaurant (2013)

Daniel Rose at Spring, Paris (2013)
Daniel Rose at Spring, Paris (2013)
Kitchen at Spring, Paris
Kitchen at Spring, Paris (2013)


Le Coucou138 Lafayette St, New York NY  | 212 271 4252

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