Publican Tavern

For years after landing at O’Hare Airport, I have ordered Tortas Frontera sandwiches and guacamole to bring home and feed the family. On this trip, I arrived earlier in the day so I had some time to sit down to try Publican Tavern. I ordered two starters and two entrees to be brought to my little 2-top table and my server didn’t even bat an eye. He was so awesome and kept checking on me, bringing out all the right carry-out containers at all the right times, packing up the food as I dug into the next dish.

If you’re flying through O’Hare, you can squeeze one more Chicago restaurant into your itinerary by dining at Publican Tavern which is located in Terminal 3.

Publican Tavern at ORD Terminal 3
Publican Tavern at O’Hare Terminal 3
Pulled Pork Pate, Sourdough, Apricot Jam
Pulled Pork Pate, Sourdough, Apricot Jam
The “Hot” Doug Sohn, Bratwurst, Bourbon Mustard, Fried Shallot, Aioli, Ciabatta
Wood Oven Roasted Vegetables, BBQ Spice, Creamy Dressing
Wood Oven Roasted Vegetables, BBQ Spice, Creamy Dressing

[not pictured] Pub Burger, Cheese, Lettuce, Balsamic Onion, Special Sauce and Hand-cut Fries.

Kitchen at Publican Tavern


Publican Tavern | O’Hare International Airport, Terminal 3, Chicago, IL

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