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Hanbun is a Korean restaurant run by Dave Park and Jennifer Tran. It’s located in a strip mall just outside of Chicago in the International Mall in Westmont. There is plenty of parking and is close to the Oakbrook Center outdoor upscale shopping mall.

There are two dining options at Hanbun. By day, they offer nine Korean dishes with a spin, a very elevated spin. Chef David has spent time in the kitchens of several well-known fine dining establishments such Tru, L20, Le Bernardin and was part of the opening team at The Aviary. This leads to Hanbun’s other dining option, a private tasting menu served for only 6-9 guests per evening.

My friend and I are a little excited to be trying their special dinner in a few weeks, so we went for lunch today. The flavors were bright, clean and bold. The tender beef bulgogi and comforting ramen were especially good as were the noodles, the pork bun and the vegetable pancakes.


Hanbun, are you ready for us?!
Hanbun just happened to be in the newspaper today.

While trying to decide what to order,  I applied quick math and logic skills, calculating that with 7 kids at home between the 2 of us, we could order 1 of each of the 9 items, spend under $40 each, and not have to cook dinner that night. Voila!

Korean Table, barley rice, chef's choice soup, chef's choice sides
The lunch menu at Hanbun
“They want one of everything.”
2016_08_26 hanbun 004.jpg
Jennifer Tran and Dave Park

The Food

Here is what One of Everything on the Menu (OEM) at Hanbun looks like.

L1280718 (1).jpg

Now let’s enjoy all of it slowly, one dish at a time.

Toasted Rice Cake Skewer, sweet chili glaze, puffed amaranth
Korean Pork Bun, coffee scented pork, ssam jang, steamed bun, white kimchi, scallions
Vegetable Pancakes. Vegetables, soy dipping sauce
Vegetable Pancakes. Vegetables, soy dipping sauce
2016_08_26 hanbun 011
Spicy Rice Cakes. Rice cake, fish cake, carrots, chili sauce, scallions, toasted sesame
Bulgogi, beef, apple, arugula, soy sesame vinaigrette, barley rice
Bulgogi, beef, apple, arugula, soy sesame vinaigrette, barley rice
2016_08_26 hanbun 013
Jjajangmyun. Korean-Chinese style noodles, black bean sauce, pork belly, nouc mam cucumbers, chives
2016_08_26 hanbun 014
Korean Ramyun. Spicy chicken broth, slow cooked chicken, egg, marinated enoki, scallions, sesame leaf
Bibimbap. Barley rice, gochujang sauce, vegetables, chicken, egg, nori
Bibimbap. Barley rice, gochujang sauce, vegetables, chicken, egg, nori
“Korean Table” Chef’s Choice Soup. Kimchee jjigae
2016_08_26 hanbun 017
“Korean Table” Chef’s Choice Sides (Banchan). Charred cabbage with yuzu dressing, braised lotus root, cabbage kimchi, soy bean sprout salad, bok choy kimchi, daikon salad, dehydrated squid with spicy glaze
“Korean Table” sides
2016_08_26 hanbun 019
Lunch at Hanbun

Other Visits

09/14/16 Junhyuk at Hanbun


Hanbun665 Pasquinelli Dr #108, Westmont IL  | 630 948 3383

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