One Day in Nashville

I hadn’t been to Nashville in over 20 years. We hadn’t researched, planned or looked anything up but wanted to explore Nashville before dinner at The Catbird Seat. Upon our 8:30 am arrival, I messaged a friend on what to do. We received some great ideas, ate the complimentary carb-loaded hotel breakfast and jumped in the complimentary shuttle. We did as many of the things that were suggested and made up the rest as we went along. This is only some of what happened between 10am – 4pm, as I didn’t take pictures of everything.

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Music, music, music. Businesses open around 10am and live music plays everywhere inside Nashville’s shops, bars and restaurants. Amazing.

Broadway Street in Nashville
Broadway Street in Nashville


We didn’t have enough time (or desire) to visit all the museums so we hit up all their gift shops instead. It’s a great way to get a taste without the commitment. We went to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Hatch Show Print, Ryman Auditorium and The Johnny Cash Museum.

I used to be an advertising art director which means I have spent a lot of time squinting at the shapes of letters and their empty space into the wee hours of the night. I was particularly impressed with Hatch Show Print.

Walking into the Johnny Cash Museum brought back memories of working the Green Room at Chicago’s Cubby Bear when Johnny Cash performed, I think in 1991. He had the hugest entourage, mostly family, and even young kids. He brought so many people along that some had to stand in the hallways. They were the kindest, most polite group of people ever.


A few things in between.


Boots for days. Boot Barn, 318 Broadway, Nashville, TN

12th South

We called our handy dandy hotel shuttle driver to transport us to the 12th South neighborhood. We were lucky to see Reese Witherspoon at the tail end of her store appearance for her new clothing line at Draper James. She is as adorable in person as she is on screen. Taking her time with each group, she never stopped smiling. Draper James is located next door to Sprinkles.



Reese Witherspoon at Draper James

Across the street from Draper James is the brick and mortar store of one of my favorite Instagram accounts, Imogene + Willie. I own three pairs of jeans so I don’t even know why I follow them, but I do. It’s a cute shop in an old gas station that also happens to carry one of my favorite soap and lotion lines that I will never buy for myself, Aesop from Melbourne. Maybe I can afford to eat nice meals because the three pairs of jeans I own cost less than one pair at imogene + willie. Plus, I paid less for each pair of my jeans than it costs for one bottle of Aesop hand soap.

Food trucks in front of imogene + willie
S’more Love food truck

It was time for an afternoon coffee jolt before getting ready for dinner so we stopped at Portland Brew 12th South. While we were waiting for our hotel shuttle to pick us up, my friend that we were meeting for dinner happened to be walking by so he drove us back to the hotel.

Portland Brew at 12th South, 2605 Ave S, Nashville, TN

Nashville has just enough of what’s offered in a big city. There’s music, food, art, fashion, good coffee, and the airport is only 15 minutes away. People are friendly, polite and laid-back. Drivers could use some tips making those left-hand turns at the traffic lights, but it’s a small price to pay for being in a special place.

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