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People fly in from all over the world to dine at Alinea. With recent explosive restaurant growth and the James Beard Awards held in Chicago, people are starting to linger a few more days to explore more culinary treasures.

You will never leave hungry after eating at Alinea. As I predicted, the couple from CA extinguished their late night idea of going to Au Cheval afterwards. It was still fun to ask them after dinner if they were still planning on going.

Alinea, 1723 N Halsted Ave, Chicago, IL

Alinea, 1723 N Halsted Ave, Chicago, IL

2015_11_12 alinea 004

The kitchen at Alinea

Entering culinary wonderland

Entering culinary wonderland. As you enter the hallway, an automatic door opens on your left to enter the restaurant.

2015_11_12 alinea 007

SATSUMA star anise, saffron, murray river salt

Satsuma (Asian citrus), star anise, saffron, murray river salt

2015_11_12 alinea 013

Various Spanish dishes representing the photo cards. It’s very fun to eat something with the flavors intact but with a different texture and appearance. Bocadillo, bread, jamon iberico, manchego. Gilda, guindilla de ibarra, anchovy, olive. Jamon Iberico, cantaloupe, salt, espelette. Tortilla, potato, onion, egg. Patatas Bravas, paprika, chili, garlic.

2015_11_12 alinea 015

Gilda, guindilla de ibarra, anchovy, olive

2015_11_12 alinea 017

Brook Trout, roe, butternut squash nest, thai basil, marigold, yellow curry, thai banana puree, pickled carrot puree

2015_11_12 alinea 019

Graffiti. Meringue, matsutake, pickled shallot, sherry, pickled shallots, parsley spray paint

2015_11_12 alinea 026 (1).jpg

The next chapter of our meal was brought out and was made up of several courses

2015_11_12 alinea 022

Sweet Corn, uni butter togarashi, nori salt, lime zest. Tororo Kombu, hamachi tartare sandwiched in between woven dehydrated ice fish and shredded kambu seaweed.

2015_11_12 alinea 025

The orchids and shishito peppers dangling above our table were cut down and added to our fire.

2015_11_12 alinea 027

2015_11_12 alinea 028

It was optional to sear the skewered unagi, pickled plum and sesame seeds over the fire but how could we not partake in this delightful campfire?

2015_11_12 alinea 030

Once the fire went out, the “logs” were removed and cut open to reveal the ingredients to build the next dish.

2015_11_12 alinea 031

2015_11_12 alinea 032

The culmination of our “campfire.” Chicken, orchid flower and shishito pepper. Chicken liver. Fried seaweed Japanese ginger, cherry pea flour, topped with chicken dashi that was keeping warm in the black kettle all along.

2015_11_12 alinea 038

Colorful duck course. On the glass platter is a duck foie gras with quince and sage in a pastry shell boat. There is a sage and chestnut foam soup in the base of the glass platter that you drink with a metal straw. The leaves were singed for aroma and the breaded bite was duck leg and persimmon. The log was also burned to add an autumn feel and sitting atop was duck breast, grapefruit and cinnamon.

2015_11_12 alinea 039

Hot potato topped with truffle. Cheese cube, butter cube. Truffle-infused cold potato soup. You pull the pin downwards so the ball and cubes drop into the soup combining the varying mixture of flavors, textures, and temperatures.

Whit truffle, risotto, parmesan, brown butter

White truffle, risotto, parmesan, brown butter. Moments like this still take my breath away and make me constantly strive for “balance” in my otherwise predictably linear, but wonderful and rich life. It always makes my sometimes 2-hour drive in traffic worth it to be here at Alinea. My commute was not as long as my dining mates though! These plates were brought out covered with tall glass glass domes and four servers removed them in perfect unison. Truffles and brown butter were added table side.

2015_11_12 alinea 053

Can you find the olive cake in the tree? Olive cake, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper.

LAMB caper leaf, grapes,olives

The olive cake could be used to soak up the sauce in this dish. Lamb, caper leaf, grapes,olives

Black Truffle Explosion

Black Truffle Explosion

2015_11_12 alinea 041

Wagyu, rosemary, avocado, caviar lime

Parsnip, burgundy truffle, vanilla, orange

Parsnip, burgundy truffle, vanilla, orange

Bacon, butterscotch, thyme, black pepper

Bacon, butterscotch, thyme, black pepper

2015_11_12 alinea 061

Green apple helium balloons. I always get worried how to eat this without getting it in my hair and all over my face. But this time I decided to go for it and told everyone we would inhale our balloons and talk at the same time. Of course I was the only one who did it while my friends watched and in my unintentional helium voice I exclaimed, “Don’t leave me hanging!”

2015_11_12 alinea 063

2015_11_12 alinea 066

Executive Chef de Cuisine, Mike Bagale presenting the final course. Tropical Fruit, rum, vanilla, kaffir lime.


2015_11_12 alinea 073

2015_11_12 alinea 067

2015_11_12 alinea 071


2015_11_12 alinea 083

The size of the circle shows the relative size of the dish. The darker the circle, the stronger the flavor. The left to right positioning indicates savory to sweet.

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Alinea | 1723 N Halsted St, Chicago IL | 312 867 0110

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