Gresca is a restaurant in Barcelona with minimalist design, serving modernist food at affordable prices. Rafael Pena who worked under Ferran Adria of El Bulli, is the owner of this hidden little gem, and his wife works the front of house.

Gresca, Calle Provenca, 230, Barcelona, Spain

Trying to stay awake to wait until 8pm to eat my dinner so I could adjust to the time change from Chicago, I was surprised to be only one of two tables. However by 10pm, the little place was bustling with conversation and flowing wine which seemed to be prime time for eating on a work night. This place was such a find. Very unassuming and hidden and anyone walking on the street would easily pass it by.

The Egg Souffle was the highlight of my meal. Inside the “meringue” held a yolk surprise sitting atop what seemed like parpadalle, but were really thinly sliced long potato “noodles” tossed in a butter and light cream sauce.

Egg Souffle
Parmesan Cheese Crisps

Parmesan crisps were brought out to each table before bread. Light, perfectly salted, airy and warm.

Amuse. Cod with shaved almond curls on top of yogurt and a drizzle of olive oil.
Scallops. The thin white part is pork belly. The long tan and pink striped peels are dehydrated fish eggs. Cauliflower is made into a cream sauce and is also “reformatted” to become shaved sprinkles in the center of the scallop dish.
Pina Colada

I asked my waitress to bring me their best dessert. This is the Pina Colada. The “coconut meat” filling was actually frozen foam, thinner than a shaved ice, yet the temperature wasn’t really frozen but just cool. A scientific food mystery! The coconut shell was entirely edible and comprised of a milk chocolate “vermicelli.” Think of how a Triscuit cracker breaks apart in your mouth, yet all the little cracker sting pieces are still distinguishable except it’s frozen chocolate so it melts or has a delicately layered crunch if you chew. Inside the coconut was a pineapple liquid with the tiniest hint of rum.


GrescaCalle Provença, 230, 08036 Barcelona, Spain34 934 51 61 93

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